Bookings and Deposits

All sessions are secured by a non-refundable deposit and must be secured by the following payment methods: CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Debit/Credit Card in the amount of 50% of the selected package, unless discussed otherwise. The deposit amount will be applied to the overall cost of the session and the remaining balance must be paid on the day of the session. ​

Booking details cannot be changed (i.e., if you book a particular number of looks, the number of looks must be shot). Looks cannot be split across days and/or multiple sessions. Upon arrival, if you attempt to change booking details that were previously set in place, your shoot may be subject to cancellation and loss of deposit.​


Services will be delivered in digital format unless ordered through the website. Proofs will be available in 1-2 business days for clients to select which ones are to be edited. You will receive the number of edited photos that were selected with the package that was purchased and additional edits can be purchased for an additional $15 per photo. Once you have chosen your photos to be edited, your edited photos will be available to you in 14 business days. All images will be provided in a hi-resolution jpeg format. Expedited/rushed, 1-3 day editing is also available for a $250 fee.​


All sessions that are canceled due to an emergency may be rescheduled. If a session is canceled, the client has up to 3 days to reschedule or they risk losing their deposit. If a client cancels more than twice, ARay's Photography reserves the right to not make any further appointments. There are no refunds.​

Time and Arrival

Being punctual and considerate of others is extremely important. If you are late for your scheduled session time, a late penalty will be issued. If you are 15 minutes late, there will be a $25 penalty; if 30 minutes late, there will be a $50 penalty; if 45 minutes late, there will be a $75 penalty; if 1 hour late, the session will be canceled and you will lose full payment. If you are late, the session will only last the remaining minutes of the scheduled session. This late penalty fee will have to be paid prior to receiving any proofs for viewing. Please keep in mind that ARay's Photography has other booked sessions to attend.

Posting of Photos

​The posting of unedited and/or applying filters on photos is prohibited. Please only post photos edited by ARay's Photography. If you would like to post additional photos, please purchase additional photo edits at $15 per edit. If it is discovered that an unedited or filtered photo has been posted, the client will incur a $100 fine for each photo posted and will be served a lawsuit if payment is not made within 72 hours of the violation.


Outside of individuals who are essential to your session (hairstylist, make-up artist, etc.), you are only allowed to bring one guest. If you arrive with more than one guest, and the additional guest is unable to leave without you, your shoot will be subject to cancellation and loss of deposit. It is recommended that it be communicated at least 1 hour prior to session if you are bringing a guest.

Terms and Conditions updated 7/7/2023​